Trusts-Revocable, Living, Family, Irrevocable, Special Needs

A trust creates a fiduciary relationship with respect to property. A person holding the property as a trustee is held by equitable duties to deal with the property for the benefit of another person. Such duties arise as a result of a manifestation of an intention to create the duties in a trust document. An individual creating a trust places assets into the trust to be under the management of the trustee on behalf of beneficiaries. The trust can instruct the trustee how to invest and disburse assets, and can provide unlimited duties and instructions. A revocable trust can be revoked by the individual creating it. Many times revocable trusts are referred to as living or family trusts and are key documents in a well drafted estate plans. Assets in a trust can avoid probate and can be immediately available for use upon the creator’s death. Irrevocable trusts cannot be revoked once created. Irrevocable trusts are less common than revocable trusts, but can provide significant asset protection in certain situations. A further type of trust is a special needs trust for situations where an individual wants to ensure a loved one with special needs will be provided for throughout their life. Your trust should be carefully drafted and discussed with your estate planning attorney.

How the process works?

  • Initially, we will meet with you during a one-hour free consultation to understand your specific situation and goals.
  • After assessing your information and input, we will review your options with you and recommend a plan that meets your goals and needs.
  • We will provide you with a flat rate fee quote for the costs. The plan will be comprehensive and will include all charges.
  • At that point, you will decide whether or not you want to proceed.
  • Should you choose to proceed, we will have you complete the enclosed estate planning questionnaire.
  • We will provide you with a written action list to specifically outline the steps to be taken by both parties.
  • Within two weeks of receiving your information, we will mail/email drafts for your review.
  • After you have reviewed your drafts, we will answer your questions and make any necessary changes.
  • Once all changes have been made, we will schedule an appointment to sign your final documents.
  • Once all documents are signed, I will return the originals to you and will retain a scanned copy in my files.
  • We will provide you with a closing letter detailing the important contents of your documents.

Why Should You Choose Us To Help You?


Our Philosophy

We believe that each estate plan is unique to each client we serve. We strive to gain the best estate plan tailored to each client’s needs. Through the use of a customized questionnaire that elicits the necessary information from our clients, we consistently obtain successful results.


Friendly Atmosphere

We strive to provide our clients with top notch customer service. We love the work that we do. We enjoy helping my clients through difficult life decisions and provide a friendly, no-pressure attitude.



We believe in being honest and transparent when dealing with our clients. We provide the option of a flat-rate fee for estate planning documents. Therefore, our clients know exactly how much they will be required to spend for their estate plan before starting.


Cost-Effective Pricing

We understand clients need effective estate plans at affordable prices. We complete our work in the most cost effective way possible thereby saving clients significant amounts.


Free Consultations

Sit down today with an experienced estate planning attorneys and get an honest evaluation of your estate based on the facts you provide. We will explain the most suitable plan for your life needs, specific documents you should consider including in your estate plan, what to expect when working with us on your estate plan, and how to keep an effective estate plan throughout your future.

About Us

Our job as estate planning attorneys is not finished the day you sign your estate documents and walk out our door. As life continues, the administration of your trust and estate brings with it a stream of new questions and concerns. Our firm wants to be there to answer those questions for you.

Planning for the future can be a difficult and confusing process. Our team will work hard to earn your trust and provide you with a positive experience.

Brooke Hullinger, Esq.

Brooke Hullinger, Esq.

Estate Planning Attorney

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