Felony & Misdemeanor Trial Representation

We are Felony & Misdemeanor Trial Attorneys. When it’s time to contest your case at a jury trial, we provide zealous trial defense services aimed at achieving an acquittal of all charges and allegations.

Why have a trial?

There are many reasons to take your felony case to trial. Maybe you are wrongly accused of something you did not do. Perhaps you have too much to lose to plead guilty to anything, even if it is a “good deal.” Whatever the reason, we are on your side. We are powerful and persuasive trial attorneys that can help you win your felony trial.

What Services Are Included?

A jury trial has many stages.  We provide full services in that we complete each and every stage to effectively present a complete and persuasive defense to all charges and allegations. This may include the following:

  • Witness Subpoenas
  • Pre-trial Conference
  • Motions in Limine
  • Voir Dire (Jury Selection)
  • Opening Statement
  • Cross Exam of the State’s Witnesses
  • Presentation of Defense Evidence
  • Jury Instructions
  • Closing Statement

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If you or a loved one is currently facing felony charges, we can help.  Talk to one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys for a free consultation today.

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Scott Hullinger, Esq.

Scott Hullinger, Esq.

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