About California Misdemeanor Warrants

About California Misdemeanor WarrantsMisdemeanor Warrants Explained
By San Diego Warrant Attorneys

A misdemeanor warrant issues most often when an individual fails to resolve something with the court.

What’s a Misdemeanor Warrant?

A misdemeanor warrant is an authorization to arrest you and put you in front of a judge.  It doesn’t require “probable cause” or proof that you committed a crime, the basic fact that a judge issued a Misdemeanor Warrant is sufficient to arrest upon any contact with law enforcement.

How do you Clear a Misdemeanor Warrant?

Each courthouse in San Diego has slightly different procedures and times when a warrant can be cleared, but typically require two steps. First, you (or an attorney on your behalf) must motion the court to hear you case (this is called a calendaring motion).  Second, the new date and time for the hearing must be adhered to and an appearance made.

Do Warrants Expire?

A warrant for arrest does not expire.  They could be 20 years old and still upon contact you can be arrested.

Can You Call and Explain?

Contacting the court or San Diego District Attorney will not clear the warrant.  In many situations, contacting a government agency may harm your case.

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