DUI First Conviction Program

What is the First Conviction Program?

DUI First Conviction ProgramThe First Conviction Program (aka FCP) is a series of DUI Classes that are required as part of DUI probation in all San Diego Courts.  Additionally, the California DMV requires the program to be completed before they will re-issue a driver’s license that has been suspended because of a DUI arrest.

How Long is the FCP?

Depending on your sentence, the first conviction program varies in length.  For most people convicted of DUI, the program is 3 months of classes or 36 hours worth of class work.  There are three lengths at which the court will order the FCP

  1. 12 Hour Program – Usually ordered when Defendant’s BAC is less than .08
  2. 3 Month Program – Usually ordered when Defendant’s BAC is between .08 and .19
  3. 9 Month Program – Usually ordered when Defendant’s BAC is .20 or above

How Much Does the FCP Cost?

The cost of the FCP is set by the County and approved by the state.  The programs rarely increase in price.  All programs operate without making a profit.  The price you pay is based on the length of the program.  The program director will let you set up payments if you cannot afford a lump sum.  In San Diego, the prices are as follows

  1. 12 Hour Program – $190
  2. 3 Month Program – $477
  3. 9 Month Program – $1190
  4. 18 Month Program (Multiple Conviction Program) – $1585

What do I have to Do In the Program?

The FCP consists of three basic sessions that you will have to do.


In the 3 month program, there are typically 6 education classes each lasting 2 hours.  These classes focus on education topics that are required by Title 9 of the California Code of Regulations.  These topics inlude how to avoid risky behaviors associated with alcohol and drug use.  The 12-hour program consists of only these classes.

Group Sessions

The remainder of most of the time in the FCP consists of Group Sessions with Program Certified Counselors.  In these sessions, the counselors employ a Paradigm Developmental model of treatment.  Individuals meet with counselors in a group setting and discuss issues dealing with drugs, alcohol and everyday life and stress.  Counselors can also give the group members referrals to other therapy or treatment programs on an as-needed basis.

Face-to-Face Counseling

Each person completing the FCP meets with a counselor one-on-one for approximately 20-40 minutes.  This is the final step in the program before graduating.  This meeting consists of discussing issues brought up in the class as well as ideas to minimize risky behaviors in the future.

How Do I Sign Up for the First Conviction Program?

If you want to do your course in San Diego, you first need a referral from either the Substance Abuse Assessment Unit at the court where you were convicted or a referral from the DMV (notice of license suspension serves as your referral).  Once you have this, you can contact one of the following providers to enroll:

  • East County ACCORD
    7474 El Cajon Blvd.
    La Mesa, CA 91942
    (619) 741-8147
  • MAAC Project DUIP
    1355 Third Ave.
    Chula Vista, CA 91911
  • Occupational Health Services
    1050 Los Vallecitos Blvd., #109
    San Marcos, CA 92069
    (760) 752-5300
  • Central District DUIP
    9245 Sky Park Ct.
    San Diego, CA 92123

FCP & Restricted License

If the DMV suspends your license, you may be able to get a restricted license (to drive to work and the FCP only).  However, you must enroll in the First Conviction Program to be eligible for the restricted license.  Also, make sure the program provider files a proof of enrollment certificate with the DMV (DL 107).

Multiple Conviction Program

If this is not your first DUI and you have already completed the FCP, the DMV and the Court may require that you do the Multiple Conviction Program (aka MCP).  This is very similar to the FCP except it is an 18-month program.

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