Offenses That Require PC § 290 Registration

Registrable Sex Offenses

Offenses That Require PC § 290 RegistrationSex Crimes Requiring Registration

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If you are found guilty, or enter a plea of guilty, and the code requires registration as a sex offender you will be required to register under Penal Code § 290.

Penal Code § 290 requires that if specific code sections are violated, then registration is mandatory.  The code is updated every few years.  The following charges require registration:

  • Penal Code § 207 – Kidnapping with intent to commit Rape
  • PC § 207(b) – Kidnapping intent to Commit PC 288
  • PC § 220 – Assault with intent to Commit Rape, Sodomy or Oral Copulation
  • PC § 243.4 – Sexual Assault
  • PC § 261 – Rape
  • PC § 266h(b) – Pimping when Prostitute is a Minor
  • PC § 266i(b) – Pandering when Prostitute is a Minor

What Goes on the Website?

California’s Sex Offender Registration is broken into four groups that, depending on charges involved, determine what amount of identifying information is published.

What Information Doesn’t Go On the Website?

Information about the victim (name, DOB, address and relationship to registrant) do not go on the website.  Information about the Registrant that does not go on the website includes his/her employer information and criminal history (except for information about the crime mandating registration).

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