What’s PC § 290 Registration?

Offenses That Require PC § 290 RegistrationSex Offender Registration Explained
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As part of punishment (but pitched under the protection of the general public), individuals that are convicted of some California Sex Offenses are required to register in California for life as a “Sex Offender.”  California’s Sex Offense Registration has been around since 1994.  San Diego County has approximately 3,000 registered sex offenders.

As part of this registration, California’s Department of Justice maintains a public website that posts, among other things, images of the registrant, addresses and charges.  Depending on the nature of the charge conviction, the offender’s address and physical attributes are available for anyone with internet access.

Getting off the website is difficult and for some offenses, it’s not an option.

Website’s Purpose

While the website rose to prominence around the time of Megan Kanka’s death, it oftentimes goes too far and brands and individual for life.  The law are old and didn’t foresee widespread internet access.  Some even debate whether it has any effect on its registrants and may even desensitize registrants to the point that its effectiveness at deterring future occurrences is nonexistent.

Unintended Consequences

While the requirement of registering under Penal Code § 290 has been widely touted as successful, there are its criticisms.  Studies suggest that registration does little to prevent future offenses for those that are registered.  The recidivism can be explained by “labeling” or in a perverse tone, society’s acquiescence that he or she is afflicted with this disease.  This complacency gives credence to an incurable disease.

When an individual is faced with the chance that his or her name will be published, he or she is less likely to offend.  Once the label is affixed, there’s no room for improvement.

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