Elections Code

California Elections Code Felonies

Elec C §            Description of Crime                                                                                             
*18100(a) Allowing Unqualified Voter to Register
*18100(b) Registering Nonexistent Person to Vote
*18101 Knowingly Completing Registration Form for Fictitious Person
*18102 Knowingly Accepting Registration of Ineligible Person
*18106 Defacing Party Affiliation Declaration on Affidavit of Registration
Disclosure of Home Address of Peace Officer or Family Member Contained in
Confidential Voter Registration Card Resulting in Bodily Injury to These Persons
  18200 Signing False Name to Nomination Petition
*18201 False Making, Destruction, or Defacement of Nomination Papers
*18203 Knowingly Filing False Nomination Papers
*18204 Willful Suppression of Nomination Papers or Declaration of Candidacy
  18205 Bribe to Induce Person to Withdraw/Not to Become Candidate
  18310 Consideration to Vote in Certain Way at Political Party Caucus
  18311 Giving or Receiving Bribes
*18400 Use, Furnishing Imitation Ballot Paper or Punch Card
*18403 Person Other Than Election Official to Receive, Examine, or Solicit Voter to Show Voted Ballot
  18500 Abetting Voting Fraud
  18501 Public Official Aiding Illegal Casting of Votes
  18502 Interference With Officers or Votes
  18520 Offer or Promise of Office to Induce Voting or Refrain From Voting
  18521 Gift/Consideration to Induce Person to Vote/Refrain From Voting
  18522 Pay/Offer/Lend/Contribute to Induce Voter to Vote/Refrain From Voting
  18523 Election Bribery
  18524 Boarding Person wit Induce Vote
  18540 Influencing Voting by Use of Force
Soliciting Votes or Discussing Voter Qualifications in Proximity of Polling Place, or
Photographing or Videotaping Voter Entering or Exiting Polling Place
*18543(a) Challenging Person’s Right to Vote w/o Probable Cause or on Fraudulent Grounds
  18543(b) Conspiring to Violate Elec C §18543(a)
*18544 Possessing Firearm or Uniformed Police or Security Guards Stationed Near Polling Place
*18560 Fraudulent Voting
  18561 Procuring, Advising Vote of Unqualified Person
  18564 Tampering w/Voting Machines
*18565 Aiding or Abetting Violation of Elec C §18564
  18566 Forging, Counterfeiting Election Returns
  18567 Altering Returns
*18569 Aiding, Abetting Voting Offenses
*18568 Offenses at The Polls
  18573 Deceiving Voter
  18575 Unlawfully Acting as Election Officer
*18578 Fraudulent Absentee Voting
*18611 Circulating Petition w/False/Forged/Fictitious Names
  18613 Signing Name of Another
*18614 Filing Petition w/False Signatures
*18620 Soliciting or Obtaining Money to Induce Abandonment of Petition
*18621 Receiving Consideration for Abandoning Petition
*18640 Failure to Surrender Petitions
*18660 False Affidavits Concerning Recall Petitions
*18661 False Affidavits Concerning Recall Petitions by Public Official
*18680 Misappropriate Money to be Used to Promote/Dispute Election Process