Government Code

California Government Code Felonies

Govt C §             Description of Crime                                                                                  
  1026 Public Employee Working as Ineligible in Regard to Oath
*1097 Public Officer Conflict of Interest in Public Contracts
  1195 Diversion by State Officer of Salary of Another State Officer For Own Use
  1368 Perjury by Public Officer
  1369 Public Officer Advocating Forcible Overthrow of Government
  1855 Officer Destroying/Retaining Records After Termination of Duties
  3108 Perjury by Public Officer
  3109 Public Employee Advocating Forcible Overthrow of Government
  6200 Destroying/Altering Record by Custodian of Records
*6201 Theft/Destruction/Falsify Records by Person Other Than Custodian
  8214.2 Notarizing Deed of Single Family Residence Knowing Deed is False
  8227.3 False Representation as Notary on Transaction for Single Family Residence
  8926 Conspiracy to Violate Legislative Code of Ethics
  9050 Preventing Legislature From Meeting
  9052 Fraudulent Alteration of Bill
  9053 Fraudulent Alteration of Enrolled Copy of Bill
  9054 Soliciting Consideration for Influencing Legislator
*9056 Solicit/Accept Pay For Introducing Legislation
  9130.5 Making Knowingly False Claim on State Contingent Fund
*27443 Public Administrator/Guardian/etc., Conflict of Interest
*51018.7(a) Willful Violation of Provisions Regarding Pipeline Safety Act
  91002 Acting as Candidate or Lobbyist After Conviction of Violating Political Reform Act