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Drug Sales & TraffickingThe Criminal Defense Attorneys at The Hullinger Firm, PC are Criminal Drug Sales and Transportation Defense Attorneys. Our attorneys Dismiss Drug Sales Charges, Reduce Drug Sales Charges to Lesser Offenses and argue for Acquittal of Drug Sales Charges in all San Diego Courthouses. If you or a loved one are facing Criminal Charges for Selling or Transporting Drugs call our office for a No-Obligation Legal Consultation. We offer superior representation for reasonable attorneys fees. Call us anytime at 619-708-2073 to schedule a Free Case Analysis.

Selling or Transporting Drugs

There are many types of crimes for Drugs Sales in California.  The main act that is criminally prohibited is the act of selling, furnishing, administering, or importing any Controlled Substance or other Illicit Drug.  But also, California proscribes possession a drug with the intent to sell it in the future.

California Drug Sales or Transportation Crimes

There are many types of crimes for Selling, Distributing or Transporting Drugs and other Controlled Substances.  They include

  • Health & Safety Code 11351 – Possession of a Controlled Substance for Sale
  • Health & Safety Code 11351.5 – Possession of Cocaine for Sale
  • Health & Safety Code 11352(a) – Sale or Transportation of Controlled Substance
  • Health & Safety Code 11355 – Selling or Furnishing Bogus Controlled Substance
  • Health & Safety Code 11359 – Possession of Marijuana for Sale
  • Health & Safety Code 11360(a) – Sale or Transportation of Marijuana
  • Health & Safety Code 11375(b)(1) – Possession for Sale of Designated Controlled Substance
  • Health & Safety Code 11379(a) – Sale or Transportation of Non-Narcotic Controlled Substance
  • Health & Safety Code 11379.2 – Sale or Possession for Sale of Ketamine
  • Health & Safety Code 11379.5 – Sale or Transportation of PCP
  • Health & Safety Code 11382 – Selling or Furnishing Bogus Controlled Substance
  • Health & Safety Code 11391 – Sale or Transportation of Mushrooms

Penalties if Convicted of Selling Drugs

The penalties for selling or transporting drugs can be very stiff.  A person charged with a Drug Sales crime in California is facing the following possible consequences.

  • State Prison
  • County Jail
  • Court Fines and Fees
  • Registration as Narcotics Offender
  • Drug Programs/Rehab
  • Loss of Driver’s License
  • Probation
  • Permanent Criminal Record
  • Deportation and Denial of Admission

If you are charged with Selling or Transporting Drugs, you need an experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney.  We can help you avoid many and sometimes all of the consequences to a Drugs Sales or Transportation Charge.  Call us today to learn more.

Win Drug Sales or Transportation Charges

California Criminal Law recognizes various defenses to Drug Sales and Transportation Charges that if properly prepared and presented will acquit the defendant of Criminal Drug Possession.   Whether a defense is applicable depends on the facts of each case.  Below are some of the most relevant defenses:

  • Defendant Was Not Selling or Transporting
  • Defendant Did Not Know the Substance Nature or Character as a Controlled Substance
  • The Defendant Did Not Possess a Usable Amount
  • Defendant Did Not Possess the Substance With the Requisite Specific Intent
  • Police Conduct Amounted to Entrapment
  • The Government Cannot Prove what the Substance Is
  • The Prosecution Cannot Lay a Proper Foundation To Admit Evidence Proving the Nature of the Substance
  • The Prosecution Cannot Prove the Elements Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
  • Police Conduct Amounts to Unlawful Search or Seizure

A successful defense to Drug Sales or Transportation starts with a Confident and Competent San Diego Defense Attorney.  Our team of attorneys, paralegals and experts will prepare your case for negotiation or trial.

Diversion Programs

Individuals charged with Drug Sales or Transportation crimes are generally NOT eligible for any drug diversion programs.  These programs are designed to accommodate drug users, not drug sellers.  However, if there is strong evidence in the case, our attorneys can often convince prosecutors to reduce the charges to Possession rather than Selling or Transportation.  This often results in the defendant being eligible for Diversion Programs such as PC 1000 and Prop 36.

Our Attorney Advantage

A Drug Sales or Transportation Charge can have serious consequences.  Hiring the right attorney may be the difference between a conviction and a dismissal.  Take back the Upper Hand.  Our defense attorneys are the best in the business:

  • A Skilled and Experienced Defense Team – We are the right team to defend a criminal charge.  We have successfully handled thousands of criminal cases and have satisfied clients all over California.  We know the law, procedure and practicalities of criminal litigation that can give you the upper hand in court.
  • Well Known and Respected – We appear in the courts of San Diego every day of the week.  We are known by judges, prosecutors and our colleagues.  Our attorneys have a reputation for competent and effective representation in the area of criminal law.  We strive to achieve excellence on every case and have established a reputation for getting great results.
  • State of The Art Legal Practice – We are a 100% Paperless law firm.  All of our clients are given 24/7 access to everything in their case file.  Attorney notes, evidence, witness statements and motions are all scanned and stored digitally in an easy to navigate cloud based system.  Its encrypted to standards of the department of defense.  Rest assured that your file is safe, sound and available to you whenever you need it.

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